Margin & Supplemental Reports

Margin Reports - Overview

Margin reports show margin requirements for single and combination positions, and display both available and excess liquidity. Each day at 16:15 ET we record your margin and equity information across all asset classes and exchanges. Note that because information on your statements is displayed "as of" the cut-off time for each individual exchange, the information in your margin report may be different from that displayed on your statements. Your actual margin report will be available by the following morning.

You can access your margin reports under the Margin Report menu item (Report Management) within Account Management. The Margin Report includes the following features:

  • Expandable and contractible sections with click-down detail.
  • Margin summary in base currency that shows equity with loan value, net liquidation, and initial and maintenance margin requirements as of 16:15 ET.
  • Margin detail for any open positions and FX trades sorted by currency.
  • Margin Reports are available for the prior 180 days.