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IB India - Securities Transaction Tax, Exchange Charges, Statutory Tax and GST

Transaction Charges 1
SEBI Turnover Charges Stamp Duty (Maharashtra) 2 Securities
Transaction Tax 3, 5
Cash Delivery Trade % 0.00325 0.0002 0.01 0.100
Per Crore 325 20 1000 10000
Cash Intra-day Trade
(each leg)
% 0.00325 0.0002 0.002 0.0125
Per Crore 325 20 200 1250
Futures Trade
(each leg)
% 0.0019 0.0002 0.002 0.01
(only for sell trades)
Per Crore 190 20 200 1000
(only for sell trades)
Options Trade
(On Premium Only)
% 0.05% 0.0002 0.002 0.05
(only for sell trades)
Per Crore 5000 20 200 5000
(only for sell trades)

Regulatory Fees

Product Group Tier I
All (US customers only) INR 1.10 4


  • GST will be charged on brokerage amount and exchange transaction charges at prevailing rate (18% currently).
  • N.A. = Not Applicable
  • STT on purchase and sale of equity oriented funds is NIL and 0.001% respectively.

  1. Transaction charges in the example are the current maximum charged by NSE.
  2. Stamp Duty will vary from state to state and will be charged on the Notional Value in case of exercise and futures final settlement value in case of expiry
  3. STT on exercise of option will be charged on the intrinsic value of the option @ 0.125%.
  4. In addition to any standard regulatory fee, US residents will also be charged the NFA assessment fee for executions on foreign exchanges. The fee rate is currently set at USD 0.02 and will be charged in the trading currency at the rate listed above.
  5. Equity oriented funds, as defined by the National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd, will be assessed 0.001% STT on the sell-side only for both intra-day and delivery activity.