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Trading Configuration

News, Analysis and Market Data

We directly pass real-time market data fees through to the customer. Exchanges generally have a two tier pricing structure for non-professionals and professionals, with professionals paying higher rates. We offer two subscriptions to non-professionals for free when more than USD 30 (or equivalent) is spent on commissions in any given month; US market data and Reuters Real-time News.

To view, add, or delete Market Data and Reuters Fundamentals and News subscriptions, sign into Account Management then select Research and Market Data Subscriptions from the Trading Access menu. If you are using Account Management Version 2.0, click Trade > Configuration > Research Subscriptions or Trade > Configuration > Market Data Subscriptions. You can also search for market data subscriptions by stock symbol and exchange, ISIN or CUSIP number using the Market Data Assistant, which is available from the Market Data Subscriptions page in Account Management.

For specific information and schedules for market data, real-time Reuters Fundamental Analysis and Newsfeed subscription fees, click here.