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Trading Configuration


Before trading, customers must configure their account by selecting an account type, trading permissions and market data/news subscriptions. It should be noted that subscribing to trading permissions is independent from subscribing to market data. Your trading configuration may be set up during the registration process or at any subsequent time through Account Management. Account Type determines how your account will be margined and is available for Reg T Margin, Cash and Portfolio Margin configurations. Although not strictly an account type, for clarity we have pulled out the Reg T Margin IRA information into its own column. IRA accounts can be either cash or margin accounts.

Trading permissions specify which products can be traded and in which locations, and when specifying permissions you will be asked to sign any risk disclosures required by local regulatory authority.

Market data subscriptions specify the exchanges from which you would like to receive real-time market data. Many exchanges charge for market data, and we will directly pass through these fees. In addition, we offer a real-time news subscription service which is free for non-professionals, if more than USD 30 (or non-USD equivalent) is spent on commissions in any given month.