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Statements & Trade Confirmations

Activity Statements - Overview

Activity Statements are generated on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for all accounts. They are available from within Account Management, and optionally via email or FTP access.


IB Activity Statements include the following features:

  • Available in HTML format for viewing in your web browser or PDF format for downloading and printing.
  • Over 50 expandable and collapsible sections with click-down detail.
  • Performance summary by asset class for a quick view of an account's profitability.
  • Profit and loss across all transactions, positions, underlying instrument and asset class, under First In, First Out (FIFO), Last In, First Out (LIFO), Maximize Losses and Mark-to-Market (MTM) calculation methods.
  • Details of change in position value for the statement period.
  • Customizable to include only those sections you want to see.

Accessing and Viewing Statements

Accessing Statements

You can access your Activity Statements in any of the following ways:

  • Log into Account Management, then select Activity Statements in the Reports menu. (Account Management > Reports > Activity Statements).
  • Select Statements from the Login menu on our website. You will be prompted to log into Account Management, then the Activity Statements page will display. (IB Website > Login menu > Statements).
  • From within Trader Workstation, select Statement Viewer from the Account menu to log into Account Management and display the Activity Statements page.

    Accessing Statements 03

  • Email delivery: You can choose to receive statements via email for each customized statement you have saved. You set up statement delivery on the Delivery Settings page, available from the Reports menu in Account Management.
  • FTP delivery: You can also choose to access your statements via FTP, but you must request this service before the FTP option is enabled on the Delivery Settings page in Account Management.

Viewing Statements

To view an Activity Statement, access the Activity Statements page in Account Management, then select a statement (Default Full, Default Simple, Default Summary, or a saved customized statement), date(s), account(s) and display format (HTML/WEB or PDF) and click View. HTML/WEB statements appear in your web browser while PDF statements prompt you to download and save the statement to your computer.

Viewing Statements

Note that multi-account structures (Advisor, Broker, Institutions) can select one or more accounts.


Different trading products may have different trading cut-off hours for statement purposes. For most products, the trading hours cut-off coincides with exchange hours, but in some instances this might not be the case (e.g. CME equity and fixed income contracts have different cut-off hours). Daily statements are generally available by 05:00 ET, monthly statements five business days after the close of a month, and annual statements by January 31 under normal business circumstances.

  • Daily - Available for the prior year and year-to-date.
  • Monthly - Available for 36 months.
  • Annual - Available for three years.
  • Older statements are available for a fee.


You can select different notification options for your Activity Statements on the Delivery Settings page in Account Management:

  • Automatic email notification of activity - All customers automatically receive email notification whenever there is activity in their account, and every month regardless of activity.
  • Email notification with delivery - Choose to receive your actual statement with your email notification.
  • Notification in Customer Service Message Center - Choose to receive notification in the Customer Service Message Center, which is accessible from within Account Management.

For details on notification and delivery, click the Delivery tab above.

Batch Reports

Requests for Activity Statements with a large amount of activity are placed in a queue for batch processing. Specifically, any Activity Statement or Activity Flex Query request that includes over 20,000 activities (activities are mostly trades but can also include transfers, dividend payments, corporate actions, etc.) or over 1,000 accounts will be automatically submitted for batch processing. If you try to view one of these reports, you will receive a message indicating that it has been submitted for batch processing.

You can view the status of these requests and view completed requests on the Batch Reports page in Account Management.

Types of Statements

Default and Customized Statements

On the Activity Statements page in Account Management, you can quickly view default statements or create your own customized statements that include only those report sections you want.

There are three default Activity Statements included in Account Management:

  • Default Full - A detailed daily, monthly or yearly statement that shows all of your activity. You can also select a custom date range. This is the only statement that supports the Yearly period.
  • Default Simple - A simpler monthly or daily statement that includes details but excludes Mark-to-Market Performance Summary and P&L, Change in Position Value, and MTM P&L on Prior Period Positions.
  • Default Summary - A simple summary statement that includes only these sections: NAV Summary, Profit and Loss Summary, Account Detail Section: Positions and Trades, Cash Report.

Create customized statements to specify only those sections, amount of detail and P&L format you want. You create and save as many customized statements as you want, and view your activity using any of these statements at any time. You can also specify delivery settings for each customized statement template, including Account ID, period of activity (daily or monthly) and delivery format (HTML/WEB or PDF), then enable email or FTP delivery of the customized template on the Delivery Settings page in Account Management.

Types of Customized Statements

The default statements included in Account Management are Activity Statements. However, when you create a customized statement, you can select a different type of statement you want to generate in the Statement Type field in the Customize Statements section of the Activity Statements page. There are several different types of Activity Statements available:

  • Activity Statement - A report that includes information about your account activity by trade date.
  • Mobile Summary - A scaled-down statement designed to be viewed on a mobile device.
  • Execution Settlement - IBExecutions Services customers can view activity by settlement date instead of trade date. If you select Execution Settlement, filter the settlement by broker name or broker account using the fields provided.
  • Settlement - Available to IBPrime Services customers, IB India customers and all customers by request,this statement shows activity by settlement date.
  • Projected Settlement - Available to IBPrime Services customers, IB India customers and all customers by request,this statement shows activity by projected settlement date.

Quarterly Summaries
In addition, Professional advisors and their clients can view the Brokerage Account Quarterly Activity Summary, which is a simplified quarterly statement containing activity summaries of the advisor client's account. Each quarter, advisor clients receive a hard-copy of the summary by mail.

Customized Statements

Additional Statement Options

Flex Queries

Flex queries let you specify exactly which fields you want to view in your Activity Statement (or Trade Confirmation report), the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to display, and the display format, TEXT or XML, in which you want to view your report.

You can create multiple Flex Queries with different fields for each statement. All of your Flex Queries are stored in Account Management and are available on the Activity Flex Queries page in the Reports menu. An Activity Flex Query is different from a customized Activity Statement in that you can customize a Flex Query at the field level, allowing you to include and exclude detailed field information. Customized Activity Statements only let you include and exclude sections.

You can also add default Flex Queries for Trades and Positions, then use those queries as the basis for your own by editing them.

Click here for more information about using Flex Queries in Account Management, or click the Flex Queries tab above.

Activity Downloads

In addition to default statements, customized statements and quarterly summaries, you can also download statement data in a variety of popular software formats, including Microsoft Excel and Quicken.

For more information on Activity Downloads for Single accounts, see the Downloads page.
For more information on Activity Downloads for Institutional accounts, see the Downloads page.