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Statements & Trade Confirmations

Activity Statements - Activity Downloads

We provide the ability to download your Activity Statements into the following software:

Trade Log Quciken Microsoft Money Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Captools

In addition to the above download solutions, a number of other third-party providers offer portfolio management and tax reporting packages that integrate with our HTML downloads. Please contact the provider for further detail.

Download to Tradelog, Quicken or MS Money

Step 1 If you do not already have an IB Investment account in Quicken or Money, please create one and manually load your current positions. Enable the account for Online Access.
Step 2 Log in to Account Management through our Home Page and choose Activity Downloads (Report Management).
Step 3 Select accounts, dates and a format (Tradelog, Quicken or MS Money) and click the View/Download button.
Step 4 Map the download to your IB Investment Account.
Step 5 Go to the IB Investment Account within Tradelog, Quicken or Money and accept the transactions.

Quicken Users: Currently only the US version of Quicken is supported for IB.

The US version of Quicken requires all values to be in USD. Regardless of the base currency in which you trade, you must ensure that your base currency for reporting needs is set to USD. To set or change your base currency for reporting, log into Account Management. From the Account Administration section select Base Currency.

Intuit and Money do not support multiple currencies at this time.

For complete instructions how to import your statement into Tradelog, please visit http://www.armencomp.com/tradelog/interactive_brokers.shtml.

Save an HTML File for Import into Word or Excel

Step 1 Log in to Account Management section of the web site and choose the Activity Statements menu item (Report Management).
Step 2 Choose accounts, dates and a format of HTML/Web, and click the View/Download button.
Step 3 Once the complete statement has loaded in the page, go to the File menu of your browser and choose Save As. This will prompt you to save the file locally on your computer.
Step 4 Enter a file name and choose a location to save your statement.
Step 5 Upload the saved HTML file into MS Excel or MS Word.

Downloading to Captools

If you would like to import your IB statement into Captools Professional please visit http://www.captools.net/ to see the latest import instructions. (Please note that you will need the Captools Broker/Dealer Interface from Captools. Contact Captools at http://www.captools.net/ for the interface details).

Downloading to PortfolioCenter

If you would like to import your IB data into PortfolioCenter Downloads, contact your IB Sales Representative or email reportingintegration@interactivebrokers.com You can download Security, Portfolio, Price, Transaction, Position and Reconciliation files individually or you can download all files in a single zipped file. Stocks, options, bonds, bills and funds data is included and converted to your account's base currency. The output files will contain data for all of an Advisor's clients, but will not include the Advisor account ID.

Note: Amounts on Activity Statements are formatted to two decimal places. If amounts are greater than two decimal places, we use "half-even" rounding. This means that we round such amounts up to the nearest even number. For example, xxx.775 rounds up to xxx.78, and xxx.725 rounds down to xxx.72.