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Statements & Trade Confirmations

Notification and Delivery Settings - Overview

All reports, including Activity Statements, Trade Confirmations and Flex Queries, are available from the Reports menu in Account Management.

Whenever there is activity in your account, IB notifies you via email that a new daily Activity Statement is available. IB also notifies you whenever a new monthly Activity Statement is available, regardless of activity. You can set your notification and delivery preferences for Activity Statements, Daily Trade Reports and saved Activity and Trade Confirmation Flex Queries on the Delivery Settings page in Account Management.

Notification Settings

By default, we notify you via email when a new daily and monthly Activity Statement is available, but we do not notify you when there is a Trade Confirmation report available. You can set the default notification method for daily and monthly Activity Statements and for Daily Trade Reports in the Notification Settings section of the Delivery Settings page in Account Management.

Select one of the following notification methods for daily and monthly Activity Statements and Daily Trade Reports:

  • Automatic email notification of activity: This is the default setting for daily and monthly statements. We email you whenever there is activity (daily statements), and every month regardless of activity (monthly statements). You must log into Account Management to view and/or download the statement.
  • Email notification with delivery: You get an email notification with the statement or report included in the email. This type of delivery is available for daily and monthly statements and Daily Trade Reports.
  • Notification in Customer Service Message Center: You receive notification in the Message Center, which is accessible from within Account Management.

Notification Settings

Delivery Settings

On the Delivery Settings page in Account Management, you also specify your preferred method of delivery for any customized Activity Statements and Flex Queries that you have saved. If you don't have any saved customized statements or Flex Queries, you won't be able to set your delivery preferences for those types of reports. Note that these settings are different from the default notification settings for daily and monthly statements and Trade Confirmation reports.

When you create customized statements on the Activity Statements page, you must also specify the Account ID, activity period (daily or monthly) and delivery format (HTML/WEB or PDF) to see those statements listed on the Delivery Settings page. The default delivery settings for customized statements are:

  • Account: Main Account
  • Period: Daily
  • Delivery Format: HTML

On the Delivery Settings page, report settings are grouped by report type: there is a section for saved customized Activity Statements, a section for saved Activity Flex Queries and a section for saved Trade Confirmation Flex Queries. First you select your preferred method of delivery for each type of report and optionally enable encryption, then you enable delivery for each individual saved customized statement or saved Flex Query.

Delivery Settings

Delivery Methods

Select one of the following delivery methods for saved statements and Flex Queries:

  • Email Delivery - We will email your saved statements and Flex Queries to your email address of record. Registration is immediate, and you will receive daily statements beginning the next business day, and monthly statements within the first week following the end of the month.
  • FTP - Access your saved statements and Flex Queries via FTP. This option is not available on the Delivery Settings page unless you first request it. Institutions requiring FTP delivery of saved Flex Queries should contact their IB Sales Representative to set up this process.


Activity and Trade Confirmations Flex Query output can be encrypted by selecting the Encryption check box. This option is disabled by default. To enable it and encrypt your Activity and/or Trade Confirmations Flex query output, contact your IB Sales Representative. You will be asked to provide a PGP public key for encryption.

Broker Client Statement Delivery

Broker Masters with Non-Disclosed Clients can specify the delivery settings for their clients' statements:

  • Select Email or FTP delivery (for FTP delivery, send a request to IB).
  • Select a language. While IB uses English as the default language for Activity Statements for legal purposes, you have the option of selecting a different language. If you select a different language, IB will provide statements in two languages, English, and your selected language.
  • Enable delivery of Daily and Monthly Client Activity Statements to the Master account. Daily statements are delivered only when there is activity in the client account.
Broker Client Statement Delivery

SMS Alerts

You can also enable SMS (Short Message Service) alerts to receive notifications on your mobile telephone. This option is only available if you have set up a valid SMS address on the Alert Notification page in the Trading menu.

Email Address On Record

This section of the Delivery Settings page displays the email address on record for the user. Different users can have different delivery settings. All notifications and email deliveries of statements and Flex Queries are sent to this email address.