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Statements & Trade Confirmations


Flex Queries - Overview

Our FlexQuery tool allows you to create multiple, customized report templates for Activity Statements and Trade Confirmations. Use the easy-to-follow design wizard to specify the exact fields you want to view in your report, the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to display, and the display format, TEXT or XML, in which you want to view your report.

You can create multiple templates with different fields for each statement. All of your templates are stored in Account Management, and displayed for selection from a drop-down list each time you run a report. You can also add default queries for both Activity and Trade Confirmations Flex queries and edit them to create your own Flex queries. There are two default queries available for Activity Flex queries (one for Trades and one for Positions), and one default query for Trade Confirmations. These are available in Account Management.

Report Outputs

Both format outputs can be exported to other applications for sorting and analysis. Customers with some programming knowledge may want to use the XML output format, and read the exported data into an XML reader or a customized programming application. Customers with less programming knowledge can choose the text format, and export their data into an text-friendly application such as Excel or Word.

Flex queries are first created and stored, and can then be run at any time through Account Management. If you wish to run your Flex query in an automated application without logging into Account Management, you may do this by using our FlexWeb Service utilizing an HTTPS protocol.

To start creating customized FlexStatements, log into Account Management, open the Report Management section, and chose Activity Flex and/or Trade Confirms Flex.