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Statements & Trade Confirmations

Trade Confirmations - Report Details

The information on this page has been superseded by the Report Reference section in the Reporting Guide. Click here to view the most recent report details.

Account Information

This section summarizes key attributes of your IB account, including your account name, account ID, account type, customer type, account capabilities, trading permissions and the base currency of the account.

Field Description
Name Account name
Acount ID Account Number (ID).

Clients associated with Wealth Managers and Money Managers will see a Virtual Account Number here. The Virtual Account Number consists of the client Account ID, the Wealth Manager Mnemonic and the Money Manager Mnemonic. Clients will see one of the following in place of their Account ID:

  • If no Account Alias is used: Client Account ID-WM Mnemonic-MM Mnemonic
  • If an Account Alias is used: Client Account Alias-WM Mnemonic-MM Mnemonic
Account Type One of the following IB account types:
  • Individual (Single)
  • Institution Master
  • Institution Client
  • Advisor Master
  • Advisor Master Consolidated
  • Advisor Client
  • Broker Master
  • Broker Master Consolidated
  • Broker Client
  • Fund Advisor (also known as Fund Investment Manager)
Customer Type One of the following IB customer types:
  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Trust
  • IRA
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • Unincorporated Business
  • IRA Traditional Rollover
  • IRA Traditional New
  • IRA Traditional Inherited
  • IRA Roth New
  • IRA Roth Inherited
  • IRA SEP New
  • IRA SEP Inherited
Account Capabilities The type of account (cash or margin). One of the following:
  • Cash
  • Reg T Margin
  • Portfolio Margin
Trading Permissions The name of the asset class in which you had transactions:
  • Stocks
  • Equity and Index Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Futures
  • Bonds
  • CFDs
  • IBG Notes
  • Warrants
  • US Treasury Bills
  • Options on Futures
Base Currency The base currency of your account.


This section shows trade confirmations sorted by asset class, then by currency. Click an order row to expand it and view the execution details; click the row again to collapse it. Advisors and Brokers can view trades and allocations.

Field Description
Acct ID Your IB Account ID.
Symbol The contract symbol.
Trade Date The date and time of the trade.
Settlement Date The settlement date.
Expiration Date or Maturity Date For options, futures and options on futures, the expiration date of the contract. For Treasury Bills, the maturity date.
Exchange The exchange on which the trade was executed.
Buy/Sell BUY, SELL, SELL SHORT, BUY (Ca) or SELL (Ca). (Ca) indicates cancelled.
Quantity The number of contracts or shares bought or sold. For SELL orders, this number is shown as a debit (with a minus sign).
Price The purchase or sale price per contract or share, carried to a default of four decimal places, up to a maximum of six decimal places.
Amount The total amount of the trade. For SELL orders, this number is shown as a debit (with a minus sign).
Comm The amount of commission applied to the trade. This number is shown as a debit (with a minus sign), unless it is a rebate, in which case the number is shown as a credit (with a plus sign).
Tax The amount of tax applied to the trade.
Order Type The order type abbreviation for this trade. For example, LMT for a Limit order.
Code Additional information about the data in code abbreviations. The Codes section displays descriptions of all codes used the Trades section.

Security Information

Field Description
Symbol The contract symbol.
Description Description of the contract.
Security ID The CUSIP or ISIN number of the contract. This information is available only if you are subscribed to the CUSIP Service market data subscription.
Multiplier The multiplier of the contract, if applicable.
Expiry The expiration date of the contract, if applicable.
Delivery Month The delivery month of the contract, if applicable.
Type Put or call, for option contracts only.
Strike The strike price of the contract, if applicable.
Issue Date The issue date of the contract, if applicable.
Maturity The maturity date of the contract, if applicable.


This section explains all of the code abbreviations that appear in the Code column of different statement sections.

Field Description
A Assignment
B Automatic Buy-in
C Closing Trade
Ca Cancelled
Co Corrected Trade
D IB acted as Dual Agent
Ep Resulted from an Expired Position
Ex Exercise
G Trade in Guaranteed Account Segment
L Ordered by IB (Margin Violation)
M Entered Manually by IB
O Opening Trade
P Partial Execution
R Dividend Reinvestment
T Transfer

Order Types

This section lists order type abbreviations used in the Trades sections of this report and their descriptions.

Field Description
Abbreviation The order type abbreviation. For example: LMT, LOC, MKT, MOC, STP or STPLMT.
Description Description of the order type. For example: Limit, Limit on Close, Market, Market on Close, Stop or Stop Limit.

Notes/Legal Notes

This section includes additional notes and legal statements pertaining to data included on the Trade Confirmations report.

Note: Amounts are formatted to two decimal places. If amounts are greater than two decimal places, we use "half-even" rounding. This means that we round such amounts up to the nearest even number. For example, xxx.775 rounds up to xxx.78, and xxx.725 rounds down to xxx.72.