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Approved Interactive Brokers UK Limited SIPP Administrators

The following list of regulated and authorised SIPP Administrators below have the capability to allow any of their SIPP client accounts to trade through us.

Note: Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited does not support SIPP accounts directly, rather only through one of our pre approved SIPP Administrators (below). If you already have a SIPP account with an Administrator that does not appear on the below list, have them apply for our SIPP Administrator account (at no cost).

You need to contact any of the below SIPP Administrators directly for their terms, conditions and costs (which are separate from Interactive Brokers UK Limited). Once you agree with any of the below SIPP Administrators (terms and conditions) they can onboard you to trade your SIPP through us (our terms and conditions will then apply).

Corporate & Professional Pensions Limited
Mr. Ray Platt
Telephone: 01305 838900

Carey Pension Trustees UK Ltd.
Christine Hallett
Telephone: 01908 336010

SIPP Willow Trustees Limited
Mr Gerald Morrissey
Telephone : 01481 721 500

SIPP (Pension Trustees) Ltd
Telephone: 0141 204 7950


The above does not act as a solicitation for your business from any pre approved SIPP Administrator, nor are you obligated to use any of the above SIPP Administrators to trade your SIPP through Interactive Brokers UK Limited. That is, if you already hold a SIPP and you have a SIPP Administrator, they can apply to open a master account with us and if approved you can trade through Interactive Brokers UK Limited. Please contact an Interactive Brokers UK Limited sales representative for further details.