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Required Minimums


The following minimums are required to open an account 1:

Category Required Deposit
Individual Accounts (unless listed below) USD 10,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
Trading Group Masters USD 10,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
Broker Masters USD 10,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
Indian residents 2 trading with an IB India account INR deposits only, equivalent to USD 2,000
Indian residents 2 trading with an IBLLC-US account USD 5,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
IRAs 3 USD 5,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
Individuals age 26 or younger USD 3,000 (or non-USD equivalent)
Advisor and Broker Clients USD 5,000 (or non-USD equivalent)


  • To Trade a margin account you must maintain at least USD 2,000 or non-USD equivalent. For details on margin requirements, see the Margin page.
  • Pattern Day Traders have higher minimum requirements, which are defined in the Day Trading section of margin requirements.

  1. Accounts that show no balance will be closed. To reactivate an account that has been closed for having no balance, a new account deposit of USD 10,000 or non-USD equivalent is required.
  2. Indian resident is an individual who resides in India for more than 182 days per year.
  3. Because of contribution limits, IRA accounts will only be required to deposit USD 5,000 in order to open a new account. In addition, US Regulators require USD 25,000 (or non-USD equivalent) to Day Trade stocks and options.