Information for Proprietary Trading Groups

Information for Proprietary Trading Groups

Our Proprietary Trading Group Account structures provide institutions (private/public 1 limited companies resident in India) with the ability to authorize multiple traders to enter orders in a single account, or to set up individual accounts for traders or strategies with separate credit limits. We offer the flexibility of trade execution and clearing all within the same account.

Organization Account

  • Single Trading Account.
  • One or more users.
  • Multiple users can view/modify other traders’ activity.
  • Users are each assigned a set of User Access Rights (trading, funding, report management, account administration, and user management) as well as jurisdiction over a group of accounts.

Additional Account Information

Organization Account Structure Chart

Proprietary Trader - Organization Account

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  1. Private companies can trade NSE Indian products only; Public – listed or non listed (with the exception domestic financial institutions, insurance brokers, banks, mutual funds) can trade NSE Indian products and/or non Indian products (through two separate accounts and one login).