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Steps to Open an Account for Indian Individual Residents and NRIs

Indian Individual Residents (Trading NSE and Overseas)

  1. Start online application, fill in your details of your name, e-mail address, postal address, Pan card number, bank details (Including MICR Code).
  2. Complete the funding notification at the end of the online application for both accounts
  3. For the NSE account - Send an e-mail to newaccounts.in@interactivebrokers.com and in the subject put in your account ID and in the body of the e-mail specify that you would like IB to courier the documents to you / Print the documents from the links provided after completing the application / Request to e-mail forms from the link provided in the online application.
  4. For the overseas account - Attach a scanned copy of your proof of identity (PAN card mandatory for Indian residents) and a proof of address and e-mail it to newaccounts.in@interactivebrokers.com with your account ID in the subject line.
  5. For the NSE account - Receive courier / Print documents and sign on all specified places along with two witness signatures, attach your photographs and send it back to the postal address of Interactive Brokers (India) Pvt Ltd addressed to New Accounts Department.
  6. Once the new accounts department receives the applications, your applications will be processed for approval
  7. You can fund your account anytime after you get the account ID
  8. Once your account is approved, you can trade.