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Forms and Disclosures

Customer Agreements and Disclosures

India Intra-Day Shorting Risk DisclosureFebruary 11, 2011

Download* "Rights and Obligations of Stock Brokers, Sub-brokers and Clients as prescribed by SEBI and Stock Exchanges"

Download* "Risk Disclosure Document for Capital Market and Derivatives Segments"

Download* "Guidance Note - Do's and Don'ts for Trading on the Exchange(s) for Investors"

*This document is a translated version of the client registration documents in English and is being provided in vernacular language to facilitate better understanding by the investors. In case of any ambiguity, the contents of the English version would prevail.

Interactive Brokers (India) Private Limited Policies and Procedures Governing TradingSeptember 15, 2011

Literature for AMLSeptember 15, 2011

The following forms are samples of the documents presented in our Account Registration System and may not be submitted to Interactive Brokers.

IB India Client AgreementApril 4, 2017

IB India Risk DisclosureDecember 23, 2016

NRI CP Code ApplicationApril 4, 2017

Individual KYC FormApril 4, 2017

Non-individual KYC FormApril 4, 2017

NSDL Power of AttorneyApril 4, 2017

NSDL Terms and Conditions for Transaction Statement through the InternetDecember 23, 2016

Rights and Obligations of the Beneficial Owner and Depository ParticipantApril 4, 2017

Tariff SheetSeptember 8, 2017