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Information for Indian Individuals

Indian Residents (Trading NSE Only)

Interactive Brokers offers account structures for individual that wants to trade products on the National Stock Exchange of India and/or International Products. Click on a button to start an application, a tab for more information on Individual account structure, or a link below for general account information.

BEFORE you proceed with the Online application please keep the following documents handy for reference:

  • PAN Card to ensure that the PAN Number is entered in correctly.
  • Address Proof to ensure that the address and Pin Code mentioned matches the document.
  • Cheque to ensure that the Bank Account Number, MICR Code, Branch address and Pin Code are entered as per the details on the cheque. (Note that MICR code starting with ‘000’ i.e. universal MICR is not valid for ECS. Contact your branch for the branch specific MICR code)
  • Your financial documents to ensure that you enter the correct amount for Net Income / Liquid Net-worth.

Please Note:

  • The Funding Notification step in the online application does not constitute an actual fund transfer, but simply a notification of an intent to fund the account.
  • In-person Verification - Web-cam verification will be conducted after receipt of the application form and documents at your convenient time. Please contact us on +91-22-61289888 for further details.

Indian Individual Residents (Trading NSE only)

  • Trade NSE only.
  • Trade stocks (demat), futures and options.
  • Margin account only.
  • Must be 21 or older to open an account.
  • USD 100 (equivalent in INR) minimum required to subscribe to and maintain market data and research subscriptions.
  • Brokers/advisors can only open an account through IB via an offshore entity. Institutional/proprietary trading groups can open an account with IB (India) Pvt. Ltd. Contact an IB India sales representative for more details.

Additional Account Information

Individual Account Structure Chart