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Customer Activity Monitor - Release Notes

Version 2016.11.30

Audit Trail Data Misaligned

Due to formatting issues with the file used to generate the Audit Trail table, some order data was incorrectly being shifted one column to the right. This has been fixed.

Version 2016.06.28

Longer Passwords Allowed for External Login

External CAM users logging in to the Customer Activity Monitor from the Internet who have passwords longer than eight (8) characters can now successfully log in using their longer password.

Version 2016.01.12

SSL Enforced for External Login

When logging in to the Customer Activity Monitor from the Internet, the "Use SSL" security setting will be on by default and the field will be locked so that the feature cannot be disabled.

Version 2015.08.14

Time Zone Change and Fixes

The current default time zone, EST, has been modified to account for Daylight Savings Time and now reads EST5EDT. Specifically, in the file C:\InteractiveBrokers\NEWCAM\Internet_NEWCAM.bat the argument '-t EST' has been replaced with '-t EST5EDT.'

Additionally two bugs have been fixed. Special characters in account group and account profile names have been fixed to ensure that they display in the list. Also, the order attribute size has been lengthened. It has been modified to remove the maximum of 160 bits.

Version 2015.03.23

Type-ahead Support

Both the Username and Account combo entry boxes on the main page now have type-ahead support. This feature makes it easier to enter data as it remembers and finishes your entry for you. When you start typing in either of these entry boxes, the drop-down selection list will open and the best-efforts matching entry will be pre-selected.

Version 2015.02.12

SSL Connection Option on Login

When you log into CAM, you can now indicate that you want to use SSL encryption by clicking the Use SSL check box on the Login dialog. SSL encryption adds an extra layer of security to your trading information that is transmitted over the internet.

Clients who require an SSL connection as set up by their administrators should always have the Use SSL check box selected.