Configuring Your Account


All Interactive Brokers accounts are fully and easily configurable to meet the needs of traders, investors and institutions. You set your initial configuration in your account application, but you can modify these settings at any time in Account Management after your account is open.

The most important configuration settings are listed below, although there are many more settings that you can modify in Account Management.

Account Configuration

  • Account Structure - The first decision you make about your IB account is to select an account structure. IB has account structures designed for individual traders and investors, and account structures designed for institutions. From the website home page, click OPEN ACCOUNT in the website menu above to view all available account structures.
  • Customer Type - Once you select an account structure and begin your account application, you select one of several customer types to further identify the type of IB account you want to open. Individual and institution account structures can be combined with different customer types.
  • Base Currency - The currency of translation for your statements and the currency used for determining margin requirements.
  • Account Type - How your account will be margined. Cash, Margin and Portfolio Margin configurations are available. IRA accounts can be either cash or margin accounts.
  • Pricing Structure - The commission structure for products you trade. See our Commissions page for more information.

Trading Configuration

  • Trading Permissions - Which products you can trade and in which locations. When you specify trading permissions, you will be asked to sign any risk disclosures required by local regulatory authority.
  • Market Data Subscriptions - IB provides real-time streaming market data for free or at the price we are charged by the exchange.
  • Research Subscriptions - Subscribe to a variety of comprehensive news, fundamentals and research subscription services.
  • Trading Requirements - Financial and trading information about you, including net worth and income, investment objectives and experience, determines your qualifications for trading certain products.