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Why Interactive Brokers India

Why Interactive Brokers India?

We are a global brand providing a solution for Indian residents to invest in global as well as Indian markets.
Low Cost Trading

  • USA Equities / ETFs at USD 0.005 per share / USD 1 minimum per order
  • NSE at INR 20 per order1
  • Zero account opening fees2
  • Free DEMAT account
  • Competitive interest paid on idle cash balances
Free Tools

  • Free access to powerful trading tools, including Client Portal, IBKR Mobile and Trader Workstation (TWS)
  • Free access to research, fundamental data and news by Refinitiv, Zacks and more
  • Support of over 60 order types including good till cancel, bracket orders, trailing stop loss and more
Global Access

  • Invest globally in stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds, bonds and more from a single integrated account.
  • Buy almost any US stock you want regardless of price with fractional investing

Access over 135 markets in 33 countries including the USA, NSE, and more. Open an account today!

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About Interactive Brokers (IBKR)

Best online broker 2020

Rated #1 - Best Online Broker 2020 and a Top Online Broker for Ten Consecutive Years by Barron's

For 43 years the IB Group has been building electronic access trading technology that delivers real advantages to traders, investors and institutions worldwide. Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates' equity capital exceeds $9 billion. We are one of the largest US electronic brokers based on daily average revenue trades executing 2,471,000 trades per day. Discover some of the reasons why professional traders and investors choose IBKR.
[1] Notes:
  • NSE trades for Indian residents are calculated as 1 basis point, minimum INR 6 per order and maximum INR 20 per order with the below conditions
    • For stocks, up to INR 10 lakh order value per order, for the portion above INR 10 lakh, you will be charged 0.02% of the incremental value if placed in the same order.
    • For futures and options, the above rate is limited to 100 lots in an order. For the portion of order above 100 lots, you will be charged INR 5 per lot if placed in the same order.
  • The maximum per order for NRIs trading on the NSE will be INR 150.
  • Additional external charges of Securities Transaction Tax, Exchange Charges, Statutory Tax and GST apply, click here for more information.
  • NSE account with less than INR 10 lakhs net liquidation value activity fee is INR 200.
  • Global equities: Minimum Activity fee is waived for accounts over USD 100,000 in net liquidation value.
[2] Minimum activity fees apply as below:
  • NSE is INR 200 per month for accounts of less than INR 10 lakh account value
  • Global equities is as below based on your account value
  • USD 0-2000 in account value minimum activity fee of USD 20
  • 2000-100000 in account value minimum activity fee of USD 10
  • >100,000 in account value, minimum activity fee waived
[3] As of 17th November 2020
  • INR numbers provided for paid up equity capital, market capitalization and client equity assuming USD 1 = INR 74.45
  • 1 crore = INR 100,00,000
  • 1 lakh = INR 100,000